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  A  new offering is a collaboration... with Pottery Artist, Karen Deal of Sedona, together we are "K&K Designs".  Karen creates her magic ... interesting shaped containers with textures and beautiful glazes... and I embellish them with various materials to create unique pieces.  Some photos are included in the Gallery, with more to be posted soon.
  Based on the belief that my customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs.   As a result, a high percentage of my business comes by word of mouth, repeat customers, and referrals.  

Customer testimonials of the experience they have received from my works warms my heart and keeps me on this path.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you....
My Customers Have Said... 
 "...is the most unique art experience and personal gift you can give to someone you care about...or yourself!"
Gail ordered a custom sculpture for her cousin… her comments noted below, touched my heart and reaffirmed that the art that comes through me is serving others and is truly a gift.
“When I got home with the sculpture, I set it up in a darkened room with candles.  Jill was flabbergasted to say the least.  I read (the artistic expression) and she followed the symbols with her hands.  When we got to the end, where you talked about me and we saw the cancer sign on the back, we both cried.  This is probably the most meaningful present she ever got from anyone.  She hugged me many times after that.  I am so glad that I got to meet you and am grateful to Diane for that!”
I look forward to creating a special artful experience for you!

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