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By Teal

Symbols are like the rivers that flow through our lives.... 
We all experience a flood of feelings, knowingness, intuitive thoughts and memories when we see shapes and symbols in our world... we 'resonate' with them... they enhance our lives... like visual music...

Custom one of a kind symbolic wire art sculptures  and wearable art can create a meaningful and personal,  artistic experience out of everyday life.                                    
~   My specialty is creating custom designs for the individual that incorporate symbols, crystals and gemstones which reflect personal preferences....interests, hobbies, spiritual & religious beliefs, symbols of ancient cultures, astrology,  symbols of Indigenous peoples, & causes you support ...whatever you or the recipient find meaningful!   Even the gemstones chosen for each sculpture have meaning for the artwork. 

A 'tour' of the meanings are poetically noted in an 'Artistic Expression' that accompany each piece, creating a full spiritual  experience and lasting memory with the infusion of positive meanings creating energy within the piece.

Besides your custom order, Higher Road Designs can be purchased at the Gallery 527 in Jerome, AZ and in the Artist Market in West Sedona. 

To inquire or place an order, please visit the Guest Book and Request pages, I will respond to you within 24 business hours. 

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